Paul Taitt (pictured right) has been reading, observing and researching many aspects of the paranormal world since his early childhood.  His fascination of the unknown began as far back as 1976 and stemmed from the strange and truly frightening experiences he had as a young boy, while living in his native country of England.  One such experience involved disturbing visitations from an ominous shadowy entity.  Paul would often wake up to see the sinister shadowy form standing right next to his bed staring right down at him.  These unsettling paranormal encounters provided Paul with the desire to learn more about the spirit world and has since led him on a life time journey of discovery and enlightenment in the many areas and topics of the unknown.

Pauls real interest in shadow people  began back in the late 1980's, when he had a bizarre supernatural encounter with a Shadow Being, in the Chislehurst Caves, which are a 22 mile long series of intersecting underground tunnels, in Southeast London. Paul, along with a German female tourist witnessed an event that would change his whole outlook on the reality we live in.  In addition, this event would be the driving force behind Paul's fascination on the subject of the shadow people and in his own words "proved beyond any doubt that these things really do exist".

Paul an accomplished and professional Videographer has since relocated to New England.  Shortly after arriving in the United States he had the opportunity to serve as part of a paranormal investigation team, where he acted as an Investigator and Videographer.  During this time he visited many haunted locations and bore witness to some very disturbing and interesting phenomena. 

Paul’s love of film making and the paranormal finally merged, when in 2007, he along with Andrew Barnes released their first documentary film, ‘YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE’ which focuses on the frightening subject of sleep paralysis.  This documentary due to be re-released in the fall of 2018, was featured on an American talk show, called The Rachael Ray Show and was also featured in the 2013, American supernatural thriller titled ‘SHADOW PEOPLE’ which was a film that Paul also contributed to and made an appearance in. 

Now comes Paul's latest installment of terror, in his new documentary film titled 'SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT' (Terror From The Shadows).  This documentary film is due to be released during the Spring of 2018, in both streaming and physical DVD form. This will be the first of many Dark Element Films, planned for release over the coming years. 

Whether it's supernatural or unexplained, Dark Element Films will be sure to entertain you with concepts and ideas surrounding the unknown and the many other strange and fascinating mysteries of life.

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