Are Shadow People Lurking in Your Bedroom?

Imagine a sinister shadowy figure emerging from the darkness, sending chills down your spine to the point you are paralyzed with panic, terror and dread. There’s no escaping the horror of your worst fear coming true. Then in an instant, the sinister looking being retreats back into blackness, only to return again when you least expect. This real-life nightmare of encounters with ominous supernatural entities happens every single night around the world.

They are called Shadow People and they may one day come for you.

What are Shadow People?
Darker than darkness itself, shadow people are plucked from your deepest fears and then become a reality. These non-material, phantom figures give the perception of a shadowy patch in humanoid, animal-like or blobby forms. Sometimes they appear as a black foggy mass that can block out all light behind them or a cloud that envelops your body, leaving you trembling in fright but unable to move, speak or cry out.

Shadow people usually loom at night when their presence is most startling and eerie. Their actions range from lingering bedside or consuming their victims’ body with heart-pounding and incapacitating horror. Reports of violent physical assaults and sexual attacks are also common during these petrifying encounters.

Perhaps shadow people are so terrifying because they are said to possess supernatural abilities. These inter-dimensional beings are able to move through our reality at incredible speeds, pass through walls and shape-shift into any form of their choosing.  Shadow people are known to momentarily appear in the corner of your eye and dart out of view when you turn to look straight at them.

Scarier yet, shadow people can appear in a variety of forms including classic humanoid silhouettes, the sinister looking hat man, and the insidious wizened hag.  Other shadow forms reported are the black ethereal fog-like mist, many different animal shadows, and ghastly flying winged creatures like the ones reported in the Mothman incidents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The History of Shadow People
The threat of Shadow People is not a new phenomenon. For centuries many cultures have shared reports of assaults by entities from the world of the unseen. Renowned artists dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries depict shadowy beings in their work, and newspaper stories in the early 19th-century retell the monstrosity of supernatural attacks. More recently shadow people have captivated the imagination of the masses on radio talk shows like Coast to Coast AM.  

In addition, shadow people have been featured on the big screen in movies such as the 2013 supernatural thriller Shadow People, and have terrorized viewers at home in independent productions like the 2015 American documentary The Nightmare.

A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe encounters with shadowy spiritual beings, supernatural entities, or shades of the underworld.  Egyptians called the shadow khaibut, while the Roman word for shadow was umbra, also meaning ‘the shade’.  The land of Shades was believed to be the underworld where peoples’ shadows went after death.  In Greece, people were known to dedicate their shadows or give them over to a God such as Zeus.

Explaining Shadow People
There has been much speculation as to what or who shadow people are and why they plague certain people.  Some believe them to be extraterrestrial in origin, inter-dimensional beings, or demonic entities. Others claim they are nothing more than spirits or ghosts of long-dead ancestors.  More recent research points to the Djinn, a race of spiritual beings who are well documented in Islamic culture and religion.

Many scholars and researchers believe shadow people feed off of the vibrational energy produced by fear.  That is, they purposefully appear in forms designed to terrify their victims, driving fear levels to the extreme.

Skeptics and mainstream scientists - most of whom have never experienced the shadow people phenomenon themselves - deny their existence and purport their perception as nothing more than the active human imagination.

The Rise of Shadow People
No one knows for sure why encounters with creepy phantom entities are on the rise but there is one thing we do know: people who have been confronted by these malevolent bedroom invaders are usually left with a feeling of terror, confusion, isolation, and disbelief. Many of them are often too afraid and embarrassed to share their supernatural experiences. And for some, the encounters are so vivid, extraordinary, and traumatic they begin to question their own sanity.  In fact, some people choose not to speak openly about it for fear of being labeled “crazy”.

Could these shadow beings really be the ancient race known to the Islamic world as the Djinn?
What could explain the alarming increase in encounters with these invasive, illusive, non-material entities known as shadow people?

We may never know for sure the truth behind the existence of the Djinn in shadow form or fully understand the reasons for the reign of terror currently being waged against regular, everyday people. But the supernatural assaults, sexual attacks, and terrifying visitations currently being reported will continue to happen in homes and bedrooms all across the world this very night.

Remember this! If you open your eyes tonight to complete darkness, are paralyzed, unable to move or cry out and you see a shadowy entity in the room.  This could be the night that you yourself will experience a full-blown, supernatural assault!

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